Once and Always Studios
We formed this brand back in early 2013 when we realized that our Wedding services needed a separate name than Defy. Although we love our Defy origins we know it doesn't quite speak to those looking to hire us for our Wedding Services. Therefore, we created Once & Always Studios, and branded it specifically for all family-oriented Photography, Cinematography, & Web Design. Our Photography and Cinematography Services are our main product lines. We offer three levels of each specifically for Weddings, the levels of which are geared to fit most wedding budgets. Our basic services just cover the Ceremony, while each level adds more time that we spend with the couple on their special day. We also do all other family oriented Photo and Video services. Including Engagements, Proposals, Maternity, New Born, Family Portraits, School Portraits, and Athletic Reels.

Our goal is to be here for families. As always our goal is to serve Family through Love and Service. We try to go above and beyond on all of our projects, because we love what we do, and want to serve our customers to the best of our abilities. We hope that our products will profit families by drawing them closer together and allowing them to always remember why they are together.