Defy Productions
This is our oldest brand. Established initially in 2011 when Tyson and Jimmy first came together, Defy Productions was the name in which was used for all of our products. In 2014 however, we underwent a major rebranding in which all of products were reorganized, and separated into their own new brands. Defy Productions is now our brand that we gear towards Small Business Services. We do video productions, provide photography services, and create web designs that help to support local Small Businesses. 
Our Video Services include Real Estate Walk-Throughs, Contractor Reels and Walk-Throughs, Animations, and Custom Small Business Videos. Our Photography Services include Real Estate Photography, Contractor Job Shots, Color Rendering Services for Paint Companies, Business Event Photography, & Head Shots. We also offer Web Design Services in which we work one-on-one with the Small Business to develop a website specific to their needs. 
Our goal is to be here for the Small Business Community in order to help support their profit-earning efforts. We want to be partners with them in those efforts, in which all of our products help to earn our Small Business Customers earn more revenue. If our customers make more money, it will be easier to support their families. Our greatest goal is to support families through Love and Service, so we hope that we can help support yours.